Why Study Abstract Composition?


Abstract Composition is about the arrangement of visual elements in abstract art. It is about choosing what those elements will be, and placing them in the space of your canvas, in an aesthetically pleasing way.

This is what good composition does. It knows the language of the human eye, how it makes sense of what it sees, and what things it really enjoys. Good composition knows how to bring the eye in, and then to give it a rich journey to explore over the space of your canvas. 

This course is meant to study the principles of design as they apply to abstract art. The more critical component of this course, though, is that we are able to interact, both on zoom calls and in our private course group. 

And if questions come up, I can address those with additional lessons/video because we are not only pre-recorded. My intent is that this combination of resources should really pay off in the results obtained. This is meant to be a game changer in your work.

I hope you will join us!


How does the course work?

Collage is a natural for learning the art of arranging and combining. You get fast results, you can try many ideas without committing, and it is especially great for fresh ideas.


In this course we will be doing simple collage on paper. You may use any materials that you like as your collage elements. Magazines, books, ephemera, painted papers--- anything you can cut and paste down will work. Collage can be supplemented with mark making, painting, etc.

Concepts are explained through text and images. We reference the work of some great artists to illustrate our ideas. The assignments section, each week, includes video demos to give students an idea of how they might approach the homework.  


Our course community environment allows you to upload your work and get comments from your instructor and fellow students. It's very much like Facebook in functionality but more organized and strictly private. 

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Free Webinar

When I first began to attempt making “abstract art”, I knew what I liked in the museums, but I had no idea how to do it myself. Teachers would sit me down and tell me to just start painting colors and shapes. I would get this horrible anxiety of just feeling aimless and utterly lost. 

Even after I figured out a way to 'get started', I really did not know what was good and what was not. I didn't know why a piece was not working, or ways to fix it. I wasn't sure what it was supposed to be "doing", if that makes sense.

I have since developed a method, and a teaching, for tackling these mysteries which I call, collectively, Abstract Composition. What I have found is that a few simple ideas can really move your art to a whole new level, and help your revision process immensely.

To help you get Abstract Composition working in your art making, I'm going to be hosting a FREE 60-minute training on Thursday, March 25th, at 2PM MDT.

In this workshop I will cover the following strategies for improving your art and art making:

  • what's the overall THING we are doing?

  • structures for an easy start

  • paying attention to value

  • using visual weight

  • considering space

This handful of ideas pack alot of power for moving your work toward better design and more focused revisions.

See you there!


****We will send out a Zoom link to everyone on the list on Wednesday.

****This webinar will be recorded. Playback link will be sent to everyone on the list!

Registration is Open!


Our 2021 offering of the Deep Dive is about to begin.

This is our premiere course for an immersive study of composition in your work.


We will be starting April 1, 2021.

To find out more, and to view our pre-course webinar, please click the link below.