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Taming the Chaos: Advanced Pattern

Last week we talked about simple patterns for Abstract Composition. But of course I was quickly queried about: what if you want non-simple pattern? What if you want to push it to the limit?

The first thing that came to my mind was fashion designer Dries Van Noten. He is well known for designing bold patterned fabrics and combining them masterfully. Keep in mind here, I am not looking at “clothes”. I am looking at how the fabrics are combined— colors, proportions of each pattern, how he gets them to fit together.

Pattern overload but held together with size similarity, curvy botanical style, two-tone schemes, bold colors. Wild variety can be held together by similarities.

Curving Feather Patterns with open space. Interesting color scheme, and interesting to implant these patterns on fairly “conservative” clothes. The interplay of opposites always intrigues us.

Bold and multicolored geometrics superimposed on curvy, flowing botanicals. More opposites.

Here is how they work as a Collection. With fashion, the whole collection must work together. This is their version of “working in a series”. They are using the same design principles that we use in abstract collage.

Talking about this in Yum City, people pointed out some important unifying factors:

  1. scale of the elements – small tight patterns marry well with bigger patterns.

  2. color – color helps us make connections between the fabrics in a single garment, and connects the collection as a whole.

AbComp starts in One Week

If you would like to study the keys principles of design for Abstract Composition, our 6 week course kicks off October 4, 2021— Next Monday. We have two versions this year, a value priced self-paced version, and a teacher-led version that has weekly coaching calls. For more info, go HERE.

I hope everyone has a great week in their studio,


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