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Using Pinterest for Art Inspiration

The amount of information, inspiration, and images available at our fingertips is infinite nowadays, and one of my favorite place for keeping ideas and inspiration organized is Pinterest. One look at my Pinterest boards and you’ll see that I have a particular way of archiving the ideas and artists I’m interested in, and that my curiosity runs the gamut from 2-D work to conceptual 3-D sculpture to fabric design to graphic design.

I love looking at other artists and their work, and so a good portion of my boards are dedicated to artists who I like to study. For instance, Robert Rauschenberg has long been a favorite of mine. Contemporary Artist Lisa Kokin has a dedicated board where I store a selection of her imaginative creations.

Art/Design elements like “Shape” have several dedicated boards divvied up into subjects like “gestural”, “circles”, “stripes”, and “geometric”. I can easily archive inspiring works featuring flowing organic shapes or amazing rectangular compositions into boards that I access for eye candy, inspiration, or ideas.

Another board label I use is “medium”, referring to the medium in which artworks are made. Some of these include “collage”, “painting”, “drawing”, and “installations”.

The last way in which I use Pinterest is to promote and pin my own artwork. My personal board features many of my works in chronological divisions. This allows my work to be found easily through searching Pinterest, brings viewers to my Pinterest account and website, and allows me to have a visual archive to reference on Pinterest.

How do you use Pinterest? What’s your favorite way of organizing the images that inspire you? How do you keep track of what’s what?

To an inspiring week for artists,


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