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Our Fall 2021 offering is another rendition of Abstract Composition – The Deep Dive. It is being updated as we speak and will be a 6 week course. The course will run from Monday, October 4 to Sunday, November 14.

I have a great love of the study of Abstraction. I will introduce you to useful structures to follow in your compositions, a subset of design principles that form the basis of your construction and revision process, and weekly lessons that test and illuminate these principles. Its a bit of theory, and a lot of practice.

I like to compose within the medium of Collage. It is so fast to rehearse and experiment with different composition choices. It also produces some great unexpected outcomes. We will devote the first week of the course to prepping collage materials and reviewing best practices for collage on paper.

I will have much more info on what you can expect from this course, but for now I just wanted to get a firm date out there into the universe.

More soon,


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